Inside The Box

Healthy Members, Healthy Business

Keeping your athletes healthy will keep your business healthy, too.

What are you doing to keep your athletes healthy? If you run a good box, you incorporate warm-up and mobility sessions into your program. That’s a good start, but there are other options you can offer your members that can prevent or treat injury, and simultaneously grow your business.

As a box owner, you sell goods and services — fitness coaching and various retail items like T-shirts, electrolyte drinks and supplements. To help your athletes stay healthy, you should consider expanding the range of goods and services into areas where you can help your members get the tools they need to stay healthy. Fortunately, there are a couple of great options available for box owners that don’t require a medical license.

On the goods side of the spectrum, there are plenty of affordable products on the market today that your athletes should have in their gym bag. Instead of recommending your members to drive down to their local big-box store or go online to get them, you should have the opportunity to retail these tools to your members. Programs like those offered at enable box owners to retail clinically proven tools designed to prevent or treat injury with minimal investment. You know what your athletes need to stay healthy. They trust your recommendations. Look for options to carry and resell products that help keep your members coming back to the box daily.


On the services side, there’s a whole host of different programs you can offer to expand your business, and they all involve expanding your level of education to help keep your athletes healthy. One of the types of therapeutic practices you can offer your athletes is instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization (IASTM). This is a practice of applying pressure on affected soft tissue through the use of specifically designed tools like those manufactured by HawkGrips. The effects that IASTM can have on athletes is impressive, and there’s nothing stopping you from learning about IASTM, picking up a set of tools yourself and offering these services to your membership base.

Box membership is like a bucket with a hole at the bottom. New members fill up the bucket, while others who leave the box fall out the hole in the bottom. The fullness of your bucket is a measure of your success. You’ve got two options to keep the bucket full — be like a globo gym and flood the bucket with as many members as possible, ignoring the giant hole in the bottom (imagine a pipe instead of a bucket), or be responsible and keep the hole in the bottom as small as possible. Successful boxes focus attention on both options. Keeping your athletes healthy is a critical method to keeping that hole at the bottom small. Check out the programs available to you, and keep your business healthy, too.