Box 101

Kaua’i CrossFit


Photo by Jerome Hromiak

You get a lot of tourists to your box. How do you program for all the people who are only going to drop in for a day or so and then leave?
We have a template on that. Most of our workouts are going to be a full-body experience. The first half of the workout you might get some strength work, but the second half we’ll do a met-con. So you’re pretty much guaranteed to get some sort of a met-con, usually of around 10 to 20 minutes, on any given day. Once in a while, we’ll have a longer one, and other times, we’ll have shorter ones. 

So that’s designed to accommodate all the drop-ins?
Yeah. But also, in my membership, I don’t have anybody that wants to compete in CrossFit at a high level. I have some good athletes, but most of them want to compete in paddling, stand-up and surfing, and I also have some MMA athletes. We have a clientele that’s very outdoorsy, so they like to have a bit more stamina and endurance. The met-con programming mixes really nicely with both the visitors and regulars. The visitors are usually going to be cheating on their diets and drinking a lot because they’re on vacation, so they’re going to be a little heavier than they’re used to, so they’re going to like the met-cons. You become your clientele, and I pretty much know what everyone at my gym likes to have. We definitely do some Olympic lifts, but it’s not as strong of a bias here as you might find at a CrossFit gym in a main city. 

You recently opened a new location on Kaua’i. What’s that box going to be like?
The new one is going to be a traditional-style box in Lihue where I’ll have Prowlers and rope climbs and all that. The gym I’ve had for the last two-and-a-half years [Kapa’a location] is outside, and I’ve got all my equipment rusting because we’re pretty much on the water. So it limits me from having real creative programming. The Rogue bars I have are guaranteed for life, but I’ve had mine for two-and-a-half years and it’s almost like you have to WD-40 them every week. We work out outside even if it’s pouring rain, so the equipment starts showing lots of wear and tear. 

So are you hoping that a lot of your current members will switch to the new location?
Yeah, but I know I’ll lose some. I recently read about a box in Detroit that moved 15 miles and they had to sacrifice some of their members for a better strategic decision, so that’s kind of my situation. It’s a decision to be more central on the island and have better access to more people. The new location is right next to the airport, and we’ll also have access to Vidinha Stadium, which is the one general stadium here. It’s got a track and a football field and a baseball diamond, so it’s a multiuse facility that we can use.

Box Stats

  1. Locations: 4031 Halau St., Lihue, HI; 
  2. 4-1586 Kuhio Hwy., Kapa’a, HI
  3. Number of members: 75-80
  4. Number of Coaches: 5
  5. Years in Operation: 3
  6. Facility Size: 4,800 square feet (Lihue location); 2,200 square feet (Kapa’a location)
  7. Membership Fees: $120 per month or two people for $200; $15 per workout for drop-ins 
  8. More Information: