6 Ways Quest Is CrossFitting Nutrition

The founders of Quest have implemented an almost “CrossFit-like” mindset to continue to innovate and grow.

Almost everyone in the fitness world has heard of or tasted a Quest Bar. What you may not know, though, is the story behind Quest Nutrition and how the founders of the company have implemented an almost “CrossFit-like” mindset to continue to innovate and grow.


The core of CrossFit is a mentality of constant improvement — it’s not just a workout, it’s a way to live life. The community is inclusive and supportive, even though there are inherently competitive elements. How many times has someone bested your PR in the box, and instead of becoming jealous, you congratulate them and push yourself harder because you know your PR is staring at you, waiting to be broken?

Other nutrition companies may rest on their greatest hits until the next competitor comes along, but like a CrossFitter, Quest doesn’t consider resting an option. Here are just a few ways Quest is CrossFitting nutrition:

  1. CrossFit began with a mission to transform the way people get fit and stay fit. Quest began with a mission to transform the way people eat.
  1. CrossFit became an international success by adopting an ever-changing, challenging gamification of fitness. It transformed the casual gym buddy to a full-on support group with a no-compromise mission to improve. Quest Bars became a success, but as newer, metabolically better ingredients came along, Quest started from scratch and created a new formula. 
  1. CrossFitters never compromise, and they welcome the nuances and challenges of their workouts with enthusiasm. Sure, they may be exhausted after pushing their physical boundaries, but “compromise” isn’t in their vocabulary. After Quest came onto the fitness scene, it was told it should probably add sugar and carbs. Instead, Quest built an entirely new way to manufacture Quest Bars.
  1. CrossFit has, since day one, adopted a “general and inclusive fitness regimen” that welcomes all who enter the box. It’s a supportive community of people who uplift each other, even while competing. The “Quest Fan” isn’t just fitness buffs and jacked bodybuilders. They’re enthusiastic, goal-driven people interested in clean eating who believe in demanding more of themselves.
  1. The core of CrossFit is about setting goals, crushing those goals and setting even higher ones. By adopting this goal-driven philosophy, CrossFit is creating healthier lifestyles from the inside out. Quest’s philosophy is to help people eat toward their goals. Through this, Quest holds itself to a high standard, and the company believes it’s only as good as its last success.
  1. CrossFit forges a broad, general and inclusive way to work out using measurable, observable and repeatable results. Every time CrossFitters step into the box, they become a personal research and development team — constantly fine-tuning their skills, mastering new techniques and listening to the feedback from their body and their fellow CrossFitters. To further community involvement, Quest created Quest Labs, an exclusive, advance-purchase community where members get to help shape the future of food. Quest’s R&D team fine-tunes its recipes based on feedback from Quest Labs. Data and feedback provide a blueprint for future products.

Quest and CrossFit are about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Whether it’s training toward your goals or eating toward your goals, the core values behind the two are to become stronger and ready for whatever life throws your way. So the next time your quads feel like they’re going to catch fire during your third set of 50 burpees, know that Quest is supporting you. Like you, we’re #NeverDone.