Beyond the Creamer

Forget putting artificial sweeteners in your coffee. Here are five delicious things to put in your morning brew (and they aren’t butter).


The buzz surrounding butter coffee has reached the ears of most of you by now. There are, of course, other fun things to add to your coffee other than butter. Trust me, I love a straight black Americano or brewed coffee as much as the next guy, but if you’re looking to mix it up a bit without adding sugar-laden ingredients to your coffee, you might enjoy some healthy options.

Here are five of my favorites:

1. Goat Milk. In fact, a better description is I tend to add a little cold brew coffee to my raw goat milk. It tastes like a non-gut-murdering coffee-flavored milkshake!

2. MCT Oil. Sure, this doesn’t stray far from the butter-coffee movement, but MCT, or medium-chain triglycerides, when blended with cold brew coffee, makes for a frothy cold beverage that, in my opinion, stands alone in taste regardless of the health benefits. I get my pure MCT oil free of palm oil from Caveman Coffee Co.

3. Sea Salt. Whether you’re drinking hot coffee or cold brew, some sea salt can be a game-changing addition. Get a quality salt and throw in a pinch!

4. Nutmeg. A pinch of this spice will add a little holiday flavor to your warm coffee beverage without the nasty effects of “two pumps of whatever happens at Starbucks.”

5. Cinnamon. This is a bit more common but a fun way to change things up, too. Put a pinch of cinnamon in your beverage after it’s made, or you can try adding cinnamon in with your grounds while brewing with the French press.

These ingredients can make for some awesome combinations, too. Try some for yourself and share your recipes below.