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I Hired a Nutrition Coach

We work with coaches to get stronger, so it only makes sense we do the same to optimize our diets.

nutrition coach counting calories

When you stop and think about it, it makes sense. I have been working with a fitness coach for more than seven years. I know how to work out. I understand how to run, lift weights and do some cardio movements, but I know that if I’m not a part of a CrossFit community, I won’t continue to do those things on my own.

I finally realized that my approach to nutrition is no different.

I’m not sure why I’ve been so reluctant and stubborn when it comes to seeking out a coach to help me keep my food and dietary intake on track. I have tried all the different changes in diets: Paleo, slow carb, Whole30, prepackaged home-delivered meals, shakes and meal replacements, low-fat diets, etc. You name it, I probably tried it. I’ve had short-term success with a variety of them, but judging from my workouts and my mirror, none have been the solution.

There is no shortage of fitness coaches available to any type of athlete. Remember, this is my persona process — it doesn’t mean they are the only one to use, they are just the ones I’ve chosen for this journey.

Based on a recommendation, I signed up with Jason Phillips Nutrition and was put in contact with a consultant who helped me begin my intake process and went through a series of questions in order to better match me up to the right coach. After the setup process was complete, I was assigned my coach, Cassidy Duffield, a CrossFit Games team member with Salt Lake City CrossFit.

Once I was paired with Cassidy, I tracked my food intake for a period of three days, filled out a questionnaire and then set up a phone call. Before the call, I was sent a document that included my macros.

Now I had attempted to track my macronutrient intake on my own about a year ago. Basically, I had watched a YouTube video, downloaded an app and gave it a try. I really didn’t know what I was doing. I felt like I was doing it completely wrong, thought it was a lot of work and then just gave up after about three weeks.

The benefit of having a coach is that not only were my macros spelled out for me, but my water, sleep, fiber and sugar intakes also were explained. These were things I hadn’t considered before. In addition, my coach talked to me about a plan for preworkout and postworkout protein and the importance of not only what and how I ate but also when I ate, which was equally important.

So here I go. I’m locked into at least three months in order to really give this a full effort. The main thing is that just like with CrossFit, using a coach and investing my own money in this process will, I believe, help keep me accountable.

Have you ever tried or considered using a nutrition coach? What’s holding you back? If you used one, what was your experience like?