Lean Out Without Upping Training Volume or Counting Calories

Use these four simple tricks to improve body composition without drastic changes in your life.


Are you ready to lean out a bit but don’t want to make life miserable? I’ve never been an aesthetic coach — I don’t know bodybuilding and I’m not a nutritionist, but there are significant gains to be made with generally mild adjustments in your routine.

If being a little leaner is exciting to you, here are four quick adjustments you can make to help lean out:

Avoid Liquid Calories

Not only is this an easy way to curb overall consumption, but liquid calories are also often fast absorbing and promote weight gain. Avoid drinking anything except water, coffee and tea. You’d be surprised what you can do to your body composition without alcohol, sports drinks, juice, milk, etc.

Fasted Training

Unless you work out in the afternoon or at night, try training on a completely empty stomach. Simply shifting your caloric intake after training has some metabolism-boosting advantages.

Sleep More

Even the most meticulous eaters and diligently trained athletes can store fat based on poor sleep. Sleep in a cool, dark room for eight uninterrupted hours and you might just see your abs again.

Cook Every Meal

While this trick might get some eye rolls, I’d venture to assume we’d all eat more nutritionally dense, single ingredient, real foods if we had to prepare every meal. Baking cookies is a complex process. If you want processed-type foods, make them yourself. That will cut down on consumption dramatically.

None of this is rocket science but rather simple tricks to improve body composition without drastic changes in your life. Good luck!