5 Reasons You Should Fall in Love With a CrossFitter

It will be a WODding to remember.


It happened some time ago, that guy or gal across the gym caught your eye. You both take the same class, at the same time, in the same place and you started to notice each other. Then one day, you traded in your old gym shirts for some fresh new threads that just happened to hug all your best features in all the best ways. You may have even told yourself, Oh, this is just for me, as you flipped your hair, squeezed your glutes and strutted past your intended a little too close. And then the casual fist pump after the WOD gave way to an open-hand high-five, which morphed into a hand squeeze, and in time, it melted into a full-on embrace. It happened, you fell in love with your gym crush and now you’re getting married. Whether you are getting hitched, going as a guest or in the middle of your own budding gym romance, here are the top five reasons why falling in love with a CrossFitter can pretty much make the best wedding ever.

1. You Don’t Have to Figure Out What They’re Into

CrossFit gyms are magnets for people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and get serious about getting stronger, healthier and more social. Stepping into the CrossFit life is invigorating. A few years back, I found myself in a rut. I had just finished up a lot of schooling, started a job that I wasn’t too sure about and I really didn’t have any close friends to speak of. I joined my CrossFit gym because I wanted to meet some new people and rekindle some of the strength and power that I used to have in my glory days as a competitive gymnast. I started a week before the Open in 2013 and dove right in. When 13.5 rolled around, I couldn’t do much, but I could bang out some pull-ups. I was hitting that rig as hard as I could just trying to get that next rep, paying no particular mind to the muscle-bound redhead keeping my score who apparently was paying some attention to me. Well, three Opens later, our social media profiles showcase the epitome of romance — complete with pictures of our two kittens, dog and our new home. I didn’t squeeze my toes into uncomfortable shoes and stumble my way to a dimly lit bar, nor did I pose for hours trying to get a perfect selfie for my online dating profile. We found each other while I was taking care of myself.

2. You Can Give Quest Bars as Party Favors

So obviously a wedding is a pretty good occasion for a cheat meal. No one is going to fault you for shoveling down four plates of mac and cheese if that’s what floats your boat. Plus, you know that you work out like a machine and you’ll burn that off in no time. The nice thing about CrossFit weddings? The opposite is also true; if you want to keep it clean and stick to your macros, no one is going to hate on you for that. CrossFit grooms and brides know that when they are going to feed their fit friends, they need to accommodate all needs. Personally, I have an obnoxious number of food allergies, and because of that, I try to avoid eating away from home at all costs. Last summer, two of my gym friends got married and invited me to the wedding. Without submitting any special requests, the bride graciously swept me aside and pointed out all the appetizers and dinner items that she knew I could eat! The bride herself! I attended a non-CrossFit wedding a few weeks before and ended up having two pieces of asparagus, a zucchini flower and a whole lot of gin — a far cry from the other reception where the dessert table was outfitted with regular cake, sliced fruit and even Quest Bars — yeah Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bars. Drool. …

3. You Can Replace the Wedding Rehearsal With a WODding Rehearsal

Save the dates: check. Dress/tux: check. Venue: check. Pre-ceremony WOD: check! Yes, the pre-ceremony WOD is officially a must for your to-do list leading up to the big day. In WOD weddings across the globe, brides and grooms are assembling their squads to get together for one last sweat session before walking down the aisle. Cold feet get a little defrost with a box jump or 21 or 15 or 9. Single ladies, you can get down on some pistols to strengthen those glutes and practice your balance in order to pull off a flawless bend and snap when the right kind of guy catches your eye on the dance floor — but remember what we learned from Elle Woods, this is a powerful maneuver! Use with caution!


4. Your Wedding Will Be Filled With Really, Really Ridiculously Good-Looking People (of All Shapes and Sizes)

A CrossFit wedding isn’t just fresh glowing skin, chiseled jaws, Grecian musculature and levels of anatomical perfection rarely achieved off the set of a Sports Illustrated photo shoot. While there will be many with that Abercrombie billboard bod, I think one of the most wonderful things about CrossFitters is that we appreciate bodies for their strength and function and that we see people for their confidence and determination. Since we usually only see each other in gym clothes, it’s a welcome change to see how well everyone cleans up when they’re in full-on wedding digs. From the guests to the groom, and everyone in between, strutting that WOD-fidence means it’s good vibes all around.

5. You Can Look Forward to a Happy, Healthy Life

There is something that runs deep within our CrossFit friends: They love being healthy, and the brains of people who work out release massive amounts of endorphins. That means there’s more than enough happiness to go around for you and your guests. When your guest list and wedding party is cultivated via Zen Planner, you are really pulling together a group of people from different phases of fitness who all love life and really know how to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Unlike other sports, when a CrossFitter gets beat by a friend, they are genuinely happy for the others’ victory. Sure, we may elect to hit the squat rack a little harder to work on a newly discovered weakness, but that takes nothing away from the hearty congratulations we give to the victor. This translates into the ability to be happy for each other in life. When it is your time to celebrate your relationship, you can be certain that everyone is ready to celebrate with you.