Jason Khalipa Competes Against ... an Entire Company?

Jason Khalipa takes on the fittest athletes on earth in the CrossFit Games, but what happens when he goes head-to-head with the entire QALO team?
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We’ve all seen Jason Khalipa put in some serious work at the CrossFit Games, most recently by continuing to compete with only five members of his NorCal CrossFit team after they lost Miranda Oldroyd to a torn ACL.

But this year’s Games are over, and the seven-time Games athlete, three-time podium finisher, and former champion didn’t know what was coming to him when he stepped into a whole different kind of competition: a showdown versus the entire QALO Team.

We at QALO invited Khalipa to have a little fun with us down in Orange County, California, both at our CrossFit Box (EagleWing CrossFit) and the QALO Base Camp offices. We thought you might enjoy this as much as we did.

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