3 Ways CrossFit Can Jump-Start Your 2018

Don’t let yourself be part of the one-month-and-done crowd at the gym this year.


Here are three ways CrossFit can help you jump-start your year and stay with it in 2018.

The On Ramp Program 

Having been at a YMCA for years floundering around and attempting to throw together my own fitness plan, I can attest to the fact that knowing how to become fit can be a daunting task. I was the first member of my box’s On Ramp class in 2010 and spent the better part of a year helping run the classes in 2015. These small group classes really build the base for a good working knowledge of the movements and lifts needed to get started in CrossFit, but they also help to establish the all-important community aspect that keeps members involved and accountable.

The Community

It’s not only the instruction from your trainer that helps but also the community of others that creates more of a buy-in for all members. I love that I have a pre-planned workout to do five days a week, but it is the motivation and spirit of community that has kept me coming back, paying money and taking punishment for the past seven years.

A few years ago, our coach asked if we had fun with the workouts. I replied, “no,” but went on to explain that doing the workouts usually wasn’t fun but being around everyone in our gym was. The group you get to know, the people you share the suffering with, and the common bond that it creates is what sets CrossFit apart. 

Training With a Purpose

Having your day-to-day programming done before you even walk in the door each morning makes things a lot easier. The constantly varied workouts are a huge reason members love coming to CrossFit. Part of the struggle in sticking with a workout program out of a magazine or through a website or DVD series is that it’s too easy to just not show up. Many get bored with the repetition of the program and lose motivation to continue.

Having planned classes every day changes people’s mindsets and gives the athletes an incentive to keep coming back and trying new things to push themselves mentally and physically. 

What are some things that you love about CrossFit training that will keep you going back in 2018? What are your goals for this coming year?