4 Reasons Gyms Need More Female Coaches

It’s time to make the CrossFit experience accessible and more comfortable for everybody.


No question, women have a presence that is unique to their gender. The personal connections, style of communication and emotional expression women possess can often vary a great deal from those of their male counterparts. For any coed gym, a woman can be a key part of the staff and a means of offering varying experiences to cater to a diverse membership.

Here are a few great reasons for every gym to have a female trainer/coach.

1. Nurturing.

While there are always exceptions, women typically demonstrate more nurturing tendencies than men. And although CrossFit is not a warm-and-fuzzy fitness regimen, some athletes might require a bit more encouragement and handholding than others. Women tend to be slightly more in tune with any emotional or mental struggles going on around them and tend to be more delicate when handling those situations. A woman can often help some of the tougher clients through the initial stages of discomfort, fear and lack of confidence. A nurturing approach can provide a successful means of getting people started and getting them to stick with it.

2. Relatable.

When it comes to physical instruction, some women simply respond better to another woman. It’s clear that men and women have different physical makeups and capabilities (not to mention parts), so when a woman walks into a gym, it can be a comfort knowing she has a relatable instructor to confide in and rely on. Whether she needs to borrow a tampon or has pregnancy concerns, it’s sometimes nice to be able to engage in a little girl talk. Although a man may understand the physiology just fine, another woman can relate in a much more powerful way.

3. Setting standards.

A group of women in a competitive setting, left to their own devices, might come together to create a great community … or they might not. Fitness environments are always interesting meeting grounds for women. Women are entirely capable of exhibiting mature and friendly behavior, but there is no denying that sometimes there can be sizing up or judgment. An easy way to nip negativity quickly is to have a strong female leader on the team, a friendly face who sets a great example of support and encouragement for her fellow athletes. A woman capable of setting a really positive tone can pave the way to progress for a whole group of ladies.

4. Different perspective.

Men and women experience life in very different ways. Culture, demographics and gender play a huge role in the way people think. Harnessing and embracing some of those differences can provide a well-rounded experience for anybody. By considering gender variance in CrossFit coaches rather than offering a single set of styles, ideas and concepts is something that can benefit everybody in the room.

The fact is, men and women generally have quite different perceptions, experiences and reactions. There is no perfect trainer and there is no right or wrong style, so having a diverse coaching staff goes far to make the CrossFit experience accessible and more comfortable for everybody.