7 Ways to Exercise Better When You Are In Ketosis

Keep these seven easy tips in mind to maximize your results while exercising on a ketogenic diet.

ketogenic diet exercising

Exercise is essential no matter your type of diet — it helps to keep the body in shape and also promotes heart and mental health. But when you’re in ketosis, there are a lot of concerns about exercising because there is limited carbohydrates in your diet. This requires more energy from fat, and consequently, it’s mandatory to get the fat from healthy sources. 

Here are seven easy ways to exercise better when on a ketogenic diet.

Plan Your Meals

A meal plan is essential if you are going to keep up with your exercise routine. You tend to eat more food when you exercise due to the fast rate at which your body uses up energy, but when you stick to a low-carb diet, the energy breakdown is a lot slower compared to a high-carbohydrate diet. This is why you tend to feel less hungry when on a keto diet. Planning meals include making sure that food is prepared and available when it is needed to avoid cravings and diet mishaps.

Watch the Number of Carbs in Your Diet

When exercising, it is normal to crave more carbohydrates since the body requires energy to sustain itself. But if you’re going to maintain the ketone levels in the body, you need to keep the carbohydrates in your diet to the recommended minimum. 

A good way to ensure you stay within your daily limit is to count your calories. You also want to stay away from alcohol and other unhealthy beverages — zero sugar beverages are your best option since they contain no added sugar.

Eat a Balanced Diet

A healthy balanced diet is essential to the body, as it provides the body with all the macronutrients it requires to function optimally. This includes eating the right amount of fat, protein and vitamins to boost your health while also keeping carbohydrate intake to a minimum. Your diet should consist of keto-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds and healthy fats such as canola oil and coconut oil.

Stick to an exercise routine

An exercise routine allows you to work out different parts of the body and also ensures you make better use of the time set aside for working out. You don’t need to sign up at your local box to be able to exercise regularly — home workout routines are plenty effective on a ketogenic diet. You can always get the assistance of fitness experts if you have special fitness requirements or need help to find an exercise routine that best suits you.

Drink Enough Water

Hydration is especially necessary when exercising because your muscles require more water when engaging in strenuous activities. You need to ensure you drink more than two liters of water daily to keep you safe from problems associated with dehydration.

Get Enough Rest

Exercising places additional stress on the body, so it’s imperative to get enough rest sleep on a daily basis to prevent fatigue. Ordinarily, the body needs a minimum of six hours of sleep per night, but when exercising on ketosis, you should shoot for at least eight hours to promote recovery and overall health.

Stay Healthy

To get the most out of exercising on a ketogenic diet, it is vital that you maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes avoiding the use of drugs and substances. These substances can alter your body’s systems and also endanger your health.

In Conclusion

A keto diet, when combined with a regular exercise routine, can speed up your weight loss. Consequently, you need to keep a strict, low-carb and high-fat diet, to maintain steady ketosis. Follow an exercise routine and take note of the tips outlined above to maximize your results while exercising on a ketogenic diet.