Four Essentials That Make a Difference In The Gym

Forget your favorite gear. These four intangibles are game changers in the gym.


As CrossFitters, we love gear. From all the right shoes, knee sleeves and wrist wraps, we put a lot of faith in our gear. In the back of your mind, you probably think the most important performance-enhancing assets are things you can put in your bag.

However, we have a list of four things that outperform your knee sleeves every day of the week:

1. Sleep. Don’t underestimate this one. There is a reason this is No. 1. Three days without it and you’re pretty worthless. Two days without water and you’re in trouble. One day without sleep and you’re ruin. Go to sleep. Eight hours per night in a cool, dark room or you’re not allowed to feel cheated in the gym.

2. General Nutrition. We’re not talking about powders and nutrition bars that you can throw in your bag. We’re talking about the whole picture. What you put in your mouth is a deal breaker for performance. Don’t look for outliers to support your lack of attention to detail with nutrition. Look for the best version of yourself.

3. Mood. We’re finding that an athlete’s mood is as good or better at determining how recovered they are to train. Get into the gym with a good mood when you want to burn it down. If you’re feeling bummed out, it might be a good day to take it easy.

4. A Training Partner. It’s been said that a good training partner is more important that a good coach for a competitive athlete. Choose a person that will push you forward and hold you accountable.

Sound like a lot? Start with one thing, handle it and move on. These intangibles are game changers.