Four Fun Partner Med-Ball Warm-Ups

A proper warm-up is essential to any workout, but you can bring a little fun to it with these partner-based drills.


The warm-up is a great place to inject your class with fun. In addition, building community happens naturally in CrossFit, but one would argue that it happens best when athletes are working in teams or partnerships. Try these four warm-ups to get folks warm, having fun and working together today:

1. Plank Slam

Set a clock for four minutes. With one partner in plank, have the other partner perform 12 medicine-ball slams. The athlete doing medicine-ball slams is the pacesetter for the partner in plank. Be sure that athletes are violently “closing” their hips on the slams by presenting their chest over the ground on each slam.

2. The Partner Med-Ball Medley

With one partner working and one partner “feeding,” perform 20 seconds of max reps Russian V-tosses. (Sitting with your heels together and off the ground during the catch, touch the med ball on the ground of the opposite side, and use rotation to throw back.) Rest 10 seconds and repeat on the other side. Rest 10 seconds, then have the athlete sit facing the feeder for max reps of the med-ball throw to sit-up (letting the momentum of the overhead throw carry the athlete through the sit-up range of motion). Rest 10 seconds. Switch partners and repeat for two rounds each. Be sure to use a light med ball and complete each throw for max velocity.

3. Burpee Partner Chest Pass

It’ll take just four rounds working 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off to get your athletes warm. While one partner holds the medicine ball, the other performs a burpee. Partners chest pass the ball back and forth for max reps in 20 seconds.

4. Reverse-Toss Medley

One partner works while the other feeds. With toes facing away from the feeder, the working partner receives the medicine ball over his/her right shoulder and violently rotates his/her trunk to throw it back to the opposite side. Perform eight reps on each side for max velocity. The final eight reps in the series are for max distance backward overhead. This drill is an excellent developer of triple extension. (Non-throwers catch the reverse overhead tosses only after at least one bounce.)

Got a short workout programmed? Add these fun warm-ups in to get your people ready and add some bonus rotation work.

Have fun!