Metabolic Mixer

This upper-body/lower-body/Olympic-lifting hybrid workout brings new meaning to “wholistic” training.


Rest one minute between AMRAPs. Start each AMRAP from where you left off on the previous one. Your score is total reps completed in all three AMRAPs (24 reps per round).

If you threw strength, power, technique and athletic conditioning in a blender and pressed the start button, there’s a decent chance it would concoct this WOD. It’s but a sample of the workouts that owner and head coach Darcy Giaquinto mixes up for her members at CrossFit GroundSpeed in Rincon, Georgia.

“This workout will push both metcon and strength/power boundaries,” she says. “The hand-release push-ups engage the pecs in strength endurance, while the snatches call for vertical power development from the quads, traps and back. That’s followed by upper-body isometric tension and lower-body slow-speed strength in the overhead squat. You don’t get more whole body than this. Add to that the interval style of this workout, and athletes will certainly benefit in metcon, as well.”

This WOD represents a common concept that wasn’t often present in the early days of CrossFit: specified rest periods in the middle of a conditioning workout. But that doesn’t make the workout any easier — the breaks just allow for higher intensity during the AMRAPs. Enjoy!

Coach Says

1. Smooth Transitions, Efficient Movements: “Descend into your first overhead squat from the finish position of your last snatch,” Giaquinto says. “On snatch reps, drop under the bar quickly to minimize the need for a high pull.”

2. Save Your Arms: “To avoid wasted expended energy, avoid too long of an eccentric lowering movement during the push-up,” she says

3. Keep Pace: “Beware of coming out too strong in the first AMRAP and not having anything left to keep a consistent pace through the second and third AMRAPs,” Giaquinto says. “At the same time, be mindful not to pace it too slow and conservative. The goal is to maximize total reps while losing no more than 10 percent of reps from the first to second AMRAP and no more than 15 percent from the second to third AMRAP.”

Scaling Solutions


  • Elite level: 170 pounds for men/125 pounds for women
  • Rx: 145/105
  • Scaled: 95/65

Overhead squat:

  • Elite: 170 pounds for men/125 pounds for women
  • Rx: 145/105
  • Scaled: 95/65


  • Beast Mode: 264 to 312 reps
  • Excellent: 240 to 263 reps
  • Good: 192 to 239 reps
  • Fair: 141 to 191

Darcy Giaquinto’s certifications include CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Coaches Prep Course (Level 2), USAW Level 1 and CrossFit Kids. Check out her gym at