Four Signs You’re Under-Recovered

At the end of the day, recovery can be as important as the training is. Of course, you can expect your performance to show that you aren’t recovering well, but what if those weren’t the only telltale signs?


Here are some signs that you might not be recovering well from your training:

1. Resting Heart Rate. As an experiment, take your resting heart rate each morning when you wake up and note it in your training log. Count your pulse while looking at a watch for 10 seconds. Multiply your number by six and you’ve got your resting beats per minute. If you see spikes in this number, you may not be recovering well.

2. Mood. Irritability and stress are key signs of poor recovery. If training makes you unusually anxious or you see big swings in mood, you might not be in position to take on the added stress of a training session.

3. Soreness. Though it may seem obvious, when muscles are tender to the touch perpetually, you’re likely a ways a way from being recovered enough for peak performance. Listen to this obvious sign that we deal with on a weekly basis about your ability to recover.

4. Weak Grip. You’re central nervous system may be more fried than you think if you notice a decline in your grip strength. Extreme cases may mean an athlete is unable to touch thumb to pinkie finger in one or both hands. If you’re central nervous system is taxed heavily, you’ll need to recover like a champ in order to train for progress again.

Some of these are obvious, while others may be new ways to find feedback. In any case, remind yourself that recovery is key to performance improvement. Making recovery a priority means making fitness a priority.