Strongman Road Trip Hits California

Do you want to become more proficient with strongman movements? Join us for our one-day events.


The founder of the CrossFit Strongman movement and Hybrid Athletics, Rob Orlando, and I are renting a truck and heading up the California coast this summer with the hopes of spreading strongman to as many people as possible. The nature of the trip is equal part educational and fun.

Each night, we’ll stop at a new gym for a unique “strongman social” event. The evening will begin with an hourlong strongman clinic. Shortly after, we’ll dive into a mini-CrossFit Strongman event with three fun, scalable workouts. The evening will be capped with a social gathering with tons of coffee from Caveman Coffee Co. and beer from Nuevo Cerveza.

If you or someone you know lives near any of the tour pit stops, come join us for an approachable evening of strongman movements for men and women of all fitness levels. Here’s a look at the event schedule:

Monday, July 27: CrossFit No Boundaries (San Juan Capistrano)

Tuesday, July 28: CrossFit Long Beach

Wednesday, July 29: West Coast Strength and Conditioning (Ventura)

Thursday, July 30: CrossFit Amundson (Santa Cruz)

Friday, July 31: The Fitness Coalition (Fairfield)

Saturday, August 1: Deuce Gym (Venice Beach)

Sunday, August 2: Code 3 Athletics (Torrance)

Monday, August 3:CrossFit South Bay (Hermosa Beach)

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to take the CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course, we’ll be doing the entire seminar at Deuce Gym in Venice Beach on August 1. Sign up quick!

We hope you join us for this candid, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try some new movements and socialize with folks in your local fitness community. Contact your local host to reserve your spot!