Super Sprint

Try this WOM when you're short on time and equipment. Survive it and you've got something to brag about.


Sometimes, you just can’t manage to get to your local CrossFit affiliate. Sometimes, you want to cram as much work into a half-hour as possible. And sometimes, you just flat-out want to test your metabolic mettle. This workout, written by Jeredan Conde, head coach and general manager of CrossFit Touareg in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, lets you address all those things, as often as you can muster the intestinal fortitude.

“This is a great workout for those who need a quick-fix type of met-con,” Conde says. “I travel a lot around Asia, so since a CrossFit box isn’t always accessible or near, a park or playground with monkey bars or pull-up bars and a small jog track is usually easy enough to find.”

The multi-joint bodyweight moves found in this “rounds for time” workout don’t seem particularly intimidating — until you sprinkle in a helping of pedal-to-the-metal 100-meter sprints between moves, that is.

Coach Says:

1. Scale Down:

To scale down handstand push-ups, you can use a wall for support,” Conde says. “For pull-ups, do kipping or butterfly pull-ups. Strict pull-ups will be harder, but that’s what you should do if you haven’t yet mastered the other versions.”

2. Pace It:

This will feel easy for most intermediate CrossFitters until about the third round,” Conde says. “The sit-ups will be the easiest part of this WOM and may be where most people end up recovering for the next round.” Try to keep your sprint pace up to shorten the workout time.

3. Push It:

“Keep your handstand push-ups strict to work on shoulder strength a bit more,” Conde says. “Don’t kip because you’ll tire your legs out too much, and there’s quite a bit of running in this workout.”

Degree of Difficulty

  • Technical: 7
  • Metabolic: 8
  • Volume: 8
  • Strength: 6
  • OVERALL: 7.25<


  • Firebreather: 22 minutes or less
  • Excellent: 22:01 to 24 minutes
  • Good: 24:01 to 27 minutes
  • Fair: 27 or more