Four Underused Pieces of Training Equipment

Don’t let yourself get in a training rut. Mix it up with these accessible pieces of equipment.


One of CrossFit’s three pillars is the element of variance that allows for broad adaptation and continual progress. Despite this, many of us tend to fall victim to training routines and monotony. Sometimes these routines are small things like the kinds of chalk you use, and other times it includes bigger conceptual ideas.

Here are four underused pieces of equipment in CrossFit that can add variance to any workout:

The Glute-Ham Developer

Even in the first level of CrossFit, you’re taught the hip extension and the back extension — yet we often only see the GHD sit-up in programs all over the world. Back extensions, hip extensions and glute-ham raises are gold mines for performance. Don’t be afraid to work them into warm-ups, accessory work and cool-downs.

The Sled

When it comes to return on investment, it’s hard to beat the sled. Just walking with the sled is an injury-proof exercise that gets people strong and can build strong foundations of aerobic capacity without the injury troubles of running.


Don’t get barbell obsessed. Clean, snatch, press and jerk dumbbells and do it often. The neutral grip is easier on the shoulders, and the dual implement factor demands more stability and challenges the system greater than with the same weight in a barbell equivalent. Add these in for no other reason than variance.

Medicine Balls

Med balls are so often used for wall balls that you might even find your members calling them so. Throw them, do rotation work and get creative — there’s likely not enough throwing or rotation in your training, anyway. My favorite is to use light med balls and do throwing variations for velocity.