3 Things That Should Be on the Whiteboard

Aside from workouts, these three things are absolutely essential.


The Workout of the Day is a given. Most gyms also put the names of students and their scores on the board, but there are some additional key elements any gym could benefit from having on their whiteboard on a daily basis.

1. Events

I often talk to our students about all the programs happening. Anyone who’s been to college or even high school would agree that what happens in class makes up a small percentage of the total experience. Whether coaches or gym owners like it, the same is true about your affiliate. Putting relevant events, whether they are put on by the gym or not, can make for the most inclusive, robust experience at the gym.

2. Scaling Options

No matter how much of a wordsmith you are as a coach, it doesn’t carry the weight and respect of dry-erase marker ink on that whiteboard. Encourage and empower students to scale appropriately by writing scaling options on the board. Doing so will help students’ perception of their scaled workout feel more like a “real workout,” because it is and should be respected as so.

3. Personal Records

There’s arguably no greater way to display, track and honor your effectiveness as a gym than with personal records. They are, after all, relative. Any athlete’s goals are encapsulated inside of being better than yesterday, so let it be known when PRs happen. Whether you circle PRs on the whiteboard, mark them with a star or have a blacked-off space to list them, be sure to note every PR.

There’s a million ways to run a successful, safe and fun gym. I find that these three things are simple essentials for the whiteboard. If you’re missing one on your whiteboard, make a change!