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For many in the CrossFit community, a visit from Uncle Pukie is unofficially viewed as a sign of maximal … READ MORE »

Imagine doing “Fran” as a 30-minute AMRAP. Now imagine grinding through that ridiculous painstorm while 13 million people watch … READ MORE »

CrossFit programming focuses on general physical preparedness and the famed “unknown and unknowable” — from the physical demands of … READ MORE »

Ingredients: 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil  1 teaspoon Himalayan pink sea salt ½ teaspoon … READ MORE »

Mirrors don’t exist very often in CrossFit boxes (not any of the ones I’ve trained at), and it’s not … READ MORE »

Barbells are beautiful things. Free weights offer the opportunity to develop strength, stability and even stamina (in the case … READ MORE »

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