WATCH: Inspirational Story of a Surfer With a Brain Tumor and the Power of Keto

Read how the ketogenic diet is helping to keep longboarder Tim Reda in the water.

Quest Nutrition February 01, 2017

Tim Reda is a longboarder from California. He’s jovial, bright-eyed, always smiling and exudes a positive attitude. He volunteers to teach young surfers the art of the sport and lives his life in the ocean. Despite his friendly, worry-free disposition, he also has a stage II brain tumor. News like that would sideline most people — and for a while, Reda was unable to function like the average adult. Cancer treatments would leave him tired, weakened and unable to get in the water.

He heard about a ketogenic diet program from Quest Nutrition and the Epigenix Foundation, a 501(c)(3) started by Quest to focus on the effects of metabolic treatment for a range of diseases. Reda and his wife were ready to explore all options, so they signed up for a 120-day ketogenic diet program provided by Quest and Epigenix.

Reda still has a long road ahead of him, but he’s back in the water with renewed energy and a far more positive outlook on his future. Watch his story below, and to find out more about Quest and Epigenix’s research, check out the Epigenix website.

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