So Your Friends Don’t Love CrossFit … What Now?

Yup, even if you know they’ll love it. Your friends aren’t going to change their lives because you want them to.


Yup, even if you know they’ll love it. Your friends aren’t going to change their lives because you want them to. And as a coach, I can attest that there is no worse feeling than wanting something for someone else more than she wants it herself.

I’m sure you can relate. Your positive experience with your “box,” today’s “WOD,” learning to “kip” and hating “AMRAPs” are seeping into every conversation you have. Your Facebook page looks like the inside of a fitness magazine, and the friends that haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid yet are wondering what happened to you and hope that you’ll stop talking in cryptic exercise lingo. Flat out, you annoy them.

I’m sounding negative, I know. The truth is, though, I’m with you. I want what you want. I think your friends and your family should “get it,” too. So, before you dismiss me as one of “them,” follow me for a second.

What if I told you there was a way for you to influence the people you know and love to join you on this life-changing journey without scaring them away, which, chances are, you’ve done a pretty good job of thus far? That’d be awesome, right? Well, you want to know my advice?


Stop telling them they need to train. Stop telling them that grains are killing them and that they should eat half their body weight in bacon every week. Don’t force it. You and I both know how quickly these things get someone to run in the other direction. So … stop.

What do you do instead?

Lead from the front. Your actions will sell this better than any peer pressure you can offer up. Be welcoming. Make sure they know that you can answer their questions, as dumb as they think they may be. Let them know (once, maybe twice) that you’ll give them a ride to the gym or join them for their first workout. But stop selling CrossFit. It doesn’t need to be sold.

Keep getting better. Improve — and have fun doing it. You know that last line of “World Class Fitness in 100 Words”: “Regularly learn and play new sports?”

Do it!

Live it up, because this magnificent part of your life is contagious. If forcing it down people’s throats isn’t helping to inspire people, trust that living this lifestyle is enough.

People are already looking to you as a role model, whether you like it or not. So, rather than prove to them that they are right in thinking this thing is a cult, kill them with results. Be a hypothetical situation for them. “This guy has fun flipping tires at the gym, looks like a goddamn Spartan warrior and eats burgers and drinks beer? I’m into that..”

Let your actions sell the idea. Soon, you’ll have an influence much larger than your words could ever have. Whether your friends and family know to thank you for it or not, you’ll be glad you did it.