The CrossFit Cupid: Why Couples Who CrossFit Together Stay Together


At any given box you’re likely to stumble upon some CrossFit lovebirds — two people who can’t get enough of each other … and the sport of fitness. They are always together on partner WODs, offer some ass-slapping for a job well done and roll out the limp limbs of their love in the aftermath of an extra-taxing class. They may exhibit a competitive spirit constantly aiming to outdo the other, but they also offer continuous support and companionship. Some of the strongest relationships I know are due, in part, to the fact that a couple CrossFits together. In fact, my husband and I met at CrossFit, and now (with another couple) we own and operate a box together. Today, we explore the top 10 reasons couples who CrossFit together stay together.

  1. Pheromones. If you think your partner is a stinky mess after workouts, think again. Pheromones are naturally occurring and odor-free secretions that stimulate social responses from individuals around you. When athletes sweat, their individual pheromone is spread over their skin. So it’s only logical that if you share a chemical attraction with your partner, working out together may stimulate and/or strengthen that attraction. So work it.
  2. Matching meals. Many CrossFitters try to adhere to a particular diet — maybe Whole 30, maybe Paleo or maybe just something healthier than the standard. Regardless, eating is known to be a very social activity, so if you’re able to cook and share a meal together, you’re gaining time and interaction with your partner. Who knew bacon could build strong relationships?!
  3. Hot bodies. It’s no secret that a fit body is a hotter body. It’s also no secret that a hot body is one you want to be on. Regardless of shape or size, it’s always easy to appreciate your significant other’s body when it’s at its best.
  4. Common goals. As any couple knows, having common goals is imperative. Whether it’s a career, family size or retirement plans, being on the same page keeps you closer and allows you to fully support each other throughout the journey. CrossFit not only provides a common focus on health and fitness but also personal betterment, which can help you flourish in every facet of life.
  5. Stamina. Your physical capabilities lend a hand to your physical relationship. Flexibility, strength and endurance help you perform at the gym — and in bed.
  6. The cult. CrossFit is known as a cult-like community. So logic would dictate that if your lover lacks involvement, constant CrossFit rants will rub him or her the wrong way. But when you’re in it together, there’s no harm in pillowtalk that revolves around rest days and the Regionals qualification leaderboard. Like minds keep the conversation flowing.
  7. Willingness to work. In any box, you’re expected to work. Find your limits and push past them. Attack the movements and workouts you hate most. When applied to a relationship, this skill is invaluable. You can be certain tough times will arise. And if both parties are willing to work through them, life can go on and happiness can be had.
  8. Impressive ethics. A big part of CrossFit is personal accountability. Generally, your reps aren’t counted and your standards aren’t judged the entire way through a workout, so it’s all up to you and your ethics to post a time/score that is both accurate and honest. If you’re a person willing to no-rep yourself and openly display your weaknesses for all to see, you will undoubtedly find it easier to do the same with a spouse.
  9. Heavy hauling. You always have a helping hand lifting heavy things.
  10. Condoning crazy. Everybody has a screw loose … or a nut or bolt. Some folks shudder at the thought of sharing a toothbrush. Others enjoy popping their partner’s zits. Whatever floats your boat is cool, but when it comes to CrossFit, a couple must condone the crazy associated with avid participation. This may include excessive spending on athletic attire, finicky food orders at restaurants and bodily bruises and/or unattractive hands.

The physical, mental and emotional challenges associated with CrossFit contribute to personal development in various ways. And your relationship with CrossFit breeds opportunity to apply learning experiences to your personal relationships, as well. Not to mention the obvious physical benefits. Sharing a life-changing commitment with your partner can generate a foundation that’s unbreakable. Call it fate if you want, but I call it CrossFit. The CrossFit cupid.