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10 Daily CrossFit To-Dos


Most CrossFit athletes and boxes have a fairly structured routine. But when we find ourselves on auto-pilot, it’s easy to forget some key components of what make the CrossFit experience as great as it should be. So here are 10 things for CrossFitters to do every single day.

Top 10
  1. Fuel For Fitness: CrossFit participants strive for improvements in their performance. As a beginner, it’s easy to achieve gains without any focus on nutrition, but as you graduate to a higher level of athleticism it’s important to consider that you’re fueling your body for an intense level of fitness. There may not be one perfect plan for everybody, but thinking whole foods, plenty of protein, and “cheat” meals in moderation is a good standard to stick with.
  2. Water Will Help: It’s easy to consume coffee and creamer, juices and soda, but there is nothing beneficial about hydrating with horrible options. Water makes a world of difference when it comes to working out. Not to mention the positive affects it can have on your skin, bowel movements and overall health. So go heavy on the H2O.
  3. Make Time For Mobility: Most CrossFit classes are restricted to about 1 hour. Although trainers do their best to make the most of every minute, there are some things that simply require more time. Mobility is the foundation of every move you make. So make a habit, whether before a class or at home, of grabbing a band or viewing a video and making your mobility a priority.
  4. Warm-up With A Cause: It’s easy to whine during a warm-up. Getting your heart rate up, seeing some sweat, and feeling the burn before an intense workout isn’t always appealing. But it is necessary. Making sure your muscles are prepared for what they are about to endure is key, so warm-up with your safety in mind.
  5. Maintain Fabulous Fundamentals: A running clock and a fatigued body will scream at you to loosen up and get lazy. But it’s imperative that in those moments you forget the whiteboard and focus on fundamentals. Proper technique not only prevents injury, but it also increases movement efficiency which should help you keep going even when it’s getting rough.
  6. Cheers For Your Peers: We’re all busy. We all want to get our equipment picked up and head home. But it should never be at the expense of encouraging your fellow CrossFitters. At some point everybody has a rough day or a bad workout, so when you notice somebody struggling, take the time to cheer them on…which doesn’t necessarily mean yelling at them. Assure them that they can, and they will.
  7. Don’t Lose Focus Of The Fun: Whether you’re in it for weight loss, competition, or to simply try something new, make sure you’re having fun! For the vast majority, this isn’t a full-time job. It’s meant to be a time to step away from the stresses of everyday life and give you an outlet for selfish indulgence. It may be slightly masochistic, but in the end you need to enjoy it.
  8. Roll Out When You Wrap Up: Fight back against ornery muscles with a little TLC. Following a WOD, it’s a great idea to stick around the roll out your problem spots. Roughing up that muscle tissue will assist with recovery, and let you more easily climb a set or stairs or plop down on the pot over the next couple days. When it comes to the roller, more pain is more gain.
  9. Complete Then Carry On: It’s easy to obsess; the coulda, woulda, shoulda thoughts. But every day you have a new challenge, so the best thing to do is complete the workout, learn from it, and move on to the next one. Every athlete has a weakness and a strength, so take note of what you need to work on but don’t dwell.
  10. Carry Pride In Your Stride: You’re a CrossFitter, damnit! Be proud. Regardless of whether you scale or modify, you pull-up, you push-up, you jump, you run, you lift, you’re a badass. So act like it. Hold your head high and your shoulder back and exhibit the confidence you should.

These may seem like common-sense CrossFit advice, but they’re things that are easy to let slip by on stressful days. And without these 10 tidbits, CrossFit wouldn’t be all it’s meant to be. So print this out, think of an acronym, or tattoo it on your forearm for an easy read. Just be sure you tap into the Top 10 To-Do list each day.

Abi Reiland
Co-Owner/Trainer CrossFit 8035
Author of www.prettyngritty.com