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Direction Contagion


I often talk with my students and coaches-in-training, about the idea of “becoming.” This idea says that we are not where we’ve been, where we stand today, but we are, in fact, what we are becoming.


It’s the ultimate equalizer.

With this perspective it doesn’t matter if you’re the best athlete in the room or the worst. What matters is whether or not you’re improving. And if so, at what rate?

This perspective is a useful one because it has built-in constant personal responsibility. It has no days off and demands everyone’s relative best. In fact, it may be the only reality, in which, the successful folks can’t be complacent and the unsuccessful folks are still “in the game.”

Using a stock trader’s perspective, we begin to see that this idea isn’t so obscure after all. Would you rather buy a $500 per share stock that’s headed down $50 or would you rather buy a $10 stock that improves a buck?

You truly are the direction in which you’re headed. If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, let me raise the bar one-step further.

If we are defined by our direction, then it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that people can recognize our progress. Believe me, I know a rising stock-type individual when I see one. The same is true of someone who’s letting himself slide to become worst than he was the day before.

It’s only natural. Think about the inspirational power of an overweight mother who’s battling depression who hits the pavement on an exercise routine that has the weight coming off and her mood improving. Conversely, there is a universal disgust for the star wide receiver who is out of his prime and just been arrested for a second time after wrapping his Ferrari around a telephone pole. It’s about perceived direction. And, you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse.

Consider that whether your stock is trending upward or downward, that it is highly contagious. Are you spreading vibes of growth to those around you?

Logan Gelbrich