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Redefining Beauty

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The actual definition of beauty and what our society defines as beauty are quite different. The above definition is something I obtained from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Our society deems people like Nicole Richie and Gwyneth Paltrow as the most beautiful women on earth. The above definition is based on much more than the physical attributes someone exhibits and surely much more than what our society says is beautiful.

When I see a People magazine with the title “The Most Beautiful Women of 2012,” or whatever year, I cringe. I’ve literally stopped purchasing or even flipping the pages of bullshit magazines, because I find myself disagreeing with just about every page of the magazine. I’ve stopped consuming what our society is throwing in my face because I’m pissed.

This week I read two REMARKABLE blogs. The first was written by Becca Borawski of Breaking Muscle, and the second was written by Nicole Dehart of the CrossFit Invictus CrossFit Games Team. Read them.

Becca discusses how the scale is an absolute bullshit measurement for health. Skinny does not mean healthy. Fit means healthy. In the last year I’ve gained 10 pounds. I weigh 145 pounds now! Yet, I look better, have less body fat and my blood panels are the best they have been in years. Quit trying to find satisfaction in the number on the scale. Find pleasure in knowing you can lift your body weight, breathe in a yoga class and last a whole day with your kids at Disneyland without any discomfort.

Nicole tackles the topic of femininity and being an athlete. Yes, those two words go together. And no, you will not become less feminine when you lift more than the boys or run faster than your boyfriend. Let’s redefine exactly what our society deems womanly, because, to me, it means power, confidence and of course some chic shoes. Nicole also mentions that she continues to get weekly pedicures and manicures with her lifting partners, and she continues to wear glitter while lifting. Who doesn’t want to sparkle while they lift?

These two blogs are proof that times are changing. Women like you, me, Becca and Nicole are leading the movement. We are redefining beauty. We are proud of our luscious lady lumps. We squat on the regular, and no one can take away our junk in the trunk. As women leading the Strong Is Beautiful movement, we must lift up other women and encourage those younger than us. Lead from the front with a little neon and sparkle.

— Lindsey Mathews