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Photos Courtesy of Josh and Brittany Page

CrossFit Traveling

At some point in the life of every CrossFit athlete, it will happen. There is no way to avoid it ... you’ll go on vacation. For me, and probably for a lot of you, going to and searching for the closest affiliate before I even begin to pack is a must. I know that I am on vacation and I should, you know, be on vacation. My problem (if you want to call it that) is that I feel like I get into a pattern of training and am progressing in certain areas (could be strength, cardio, gymnastic improvement), and then I’m expected to take a week off and do nothing? I don’t think so. So the issue becomes either do the drop-in or find a way to train on my own or at some corporate-owned gym. I’ve done both, and I definitely prefer to drop in. At our box, we get drop-ins all the time, and they are usually great people. It’s always cool to meet someone from California or just from some other box in the same state and “talk shop” with them about the types of training they do and what they are working on in their training.

I have attempted to work out on my own everywhere from Wisconsin to Mexico, and it’s very difficult, depending on that hotel or resort’s available equipment. I know that when I busted out a “Death By” overhead squats WOD at our resort in Mexico, I definitely was not greeted with any approving looks or thumbs-ups as I strained through the later rounds. Apparently my grunting and struggling was not what the dude on the seated stationary pedal thingy wanted to hear as he tried to watch the news on CNN while he was “exercising.”

But what if you don’t always have a gym? Sure you can run, do push-ups, squats, bodyweight work, etc., but is that enough? If you plan ahead, you can still train and not have to go to a box or gym.

The owners of Reckless CrossFit in Plano, Ill., did just that. Josh and Brittany Page took off to see the western part of the United States and train along the way. Josh says their plan was “to get away, enjoy our time with each other and our dog Josie while being able to just have no real plan day-to-day and do something other than CrossFit all day.” Of course, that didn’t stop these trainers from doing what they loved. As they headed west to Denver, Colo., they certainly weren’t traveling empty-handed. In addition to clothes and toiletries, they also had two axles, 45- and 25-pound plates, kettlebells, a set of rings and jump ropes. Without a definite plan for stops or WODs, Brittany said that they had to be inventive. “It really depended on where we stopped,” she says. We had to make use of the terrain. We did a lot more hill running than we usually do. The KBs were easy to use everywhere, obviously, but the rings were a little tricky. We brought axles instead of standard barbells so that the terrain/gravel/sand didn't tear them up.”

CrossFit Traveling 1

Photos Courtesy of Josh and Brittany Page

It wasn’t all hill climbs and kettlebell swings for these two. Like many of us, they used the awesome CrossFit community to drop in and meet new people and train with new faces. Among those affiliates opening their doors to the Pages were CrossFit Verve, Orange Coast CrossFit and CrossFit Balboa.

Trying to prove that you can travel and train almost anywhere (that is the point of functional fitness, after all) Brittany and Josh got inventive with their sessions. They trained everywhere: truck stops, rest areas, hiking trails, mountains and beaches.

Despite the challenges and occasional creepy stares from strangers, the Pages wouldn’t have wanted to travel and train any other way.

“We had an absolute blast traveling and training together,” Josh says. “We just made sure it wasn’t our main focus as CrossFit is our lives when we are home. We made sure we could maintain a good sweat each day. We also enjoyed working out at random and different locations and telling the people who asked what we were doing about CrossFit.”

Sounds like an awesome trip to any grinder.

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— Jamie Toland (JTol) @Grindersgrind or Facebook: Jtol Grinder