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October’s “Crush Games” Will Add a Strength Athlete Component

The Crush Games continues to grow, this year adding The Crush Samson Games, a hybrid of Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and strongman events.
Image courtesy of The Crush Games

Image courtesy of The Crush Games

Over the years, many competitions have come and gone. Over time, some of the best CrossFit athletes have started to distill these events down to a handful of premier non-sanctioned fitness competitions. Miami’s Crush Games is at the top of the list.

With some of the fittest men and women in the world in attendance, the event draws worldwide attention. This year, the event isn’t just a CrossFit athlete’s haven, either.

The CompFit event, which most CrossFit athletes would excel in, is just one-third of what’s happening at the Crush Games. In addition, the Crush Games will feature a stand-alone 5K run event called the Crush 5K Race. Participants can express their endurance capacity without being thrown into the mix on the mixed modality elements of the CompFit event.

I’m most excited to announce that the event will feature a new component called the Samson Games for strength athletes.

PowerWOD’s Jesse Burdick, Power Athlete HQ’s John Welbourn, Hybrid Athletics’ Rob Orlando, and I are collaborating to bring a premiere test for strength sports athletes. Think strength, speed and power as displayed by a hybrid of strongman, powerlifting and the major strength sports.

This event will surely be a spectacle to watch, and we all know those incredibly powerful athletes who can shine in an event like this but might have a few too many holes to excel at the generalities of CrossFit. If the idea of a 20-minute AMRAP or a long jog doesn’t excite you, the Samson Games might just be your ticket to a good time.

Registration is open. I hope to see you there!