Box Jump

The basic concept of a box jump is simple: Get from the ground to the top of the box.

The basic concept of a box jump is simple: Get from the ground to the top of the box. You’ll encounter them in many workouts, including a Tabata scheme and (one of our favorites) “Last Ascent,” and in a variety of heights, from 20 inches to 30 inches. However, there are various ways of getting up and down, from scaled versions to the current CrossFit Games standard, presented here.

1. With both feet on the ground in a jumping position, bend your knees and hips, then jump, opening your hips to full extension for maximum power. Be sure you jump off two feet without taking an “approach step.”

CrossFit Box Jump 1

There are two ways to scale the box jump. You can jump up to the top of the box, stand with your hips open, then step down or step up with one leg, then the other. Once your hips are fully open, step down. If you do this, alternate stepping legs.

CrossFit Box Jump 2
CrossFit Box Jump 3

2. Land at the top of the box and stand with your hips at full extension. Be sure you land with your feet solidly on the box.

CrossFit Box Jump 4

The stop, or “rest,” is at the top of the box, and the spring happens the moment you drop off and touch the ground again. This movement allows the judge to confirm that your hips are fully open at the top of the box.

3. Drop off the box and spring immediately back to the top.

CrossFit Box Jump 5

The “drop from the top/spring at the bottom” movement requires a little more athleticism and can be a little more tiring, require better timing and might lead to some banged-up shins if you mistime your jump.

CrossFit Box Jump 6