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Gym Owners: Don’t No-Rep Your Host Duties

It’s all about the hustle. Attendance and overall success of seminars is largely dependent on you.
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Speaking from the perspective of a seminar attendee, a host/gym owner and a subject-matter expert, what we know for sure is that regardless if whether your butt is in the seat as an attendee, you’re giving the lecture or you’re rolling up the garage door to host a seminar, the experience is better for everyone if it’s packed.

Vibes are everything, and there are two distinct ways to experience a CrossFit specialty course seminar: one with energy and one without it. Sure, you’ll get all the same information either way, but at the end of the day, more questions get asked with a sellout crowd. Most seminars include some hands-on work, as well, and the value of a big group is monumental.

As a gym owner, I could understand if one made the case that hosting a seminar is enough work in and of itself, especially because you aren’t getting paid. Yet selling out the show is made or broken with your hustle in promoting. Regardless of the star power of your SME, the course won’t sell itself out. Furthermore, I’d argue hosting a seminar is a matter of pride. The experience that folks from other gyms and other cities have in your gym is ultimately your responsibility, and part of that experience is having a solid crowd.

In addition to the intangible reasons based on pride, hosting a seminar can be critical to branding. Having subject-matter experts in your gym shows that you’re committed to furthering education and knowledge of your craft. As a member of the SME staff, I’ll give you some inside scoop: Good hosts that promote well and provide a quality experience are sought out by SMEs, and poor host experiences aren’t scheduled for later dates.

With a couple of years of experience coaching the CrossFit Strongman seminar, I can tell you that the attendance and overall success of the seminar is largely dependent on the host. And there’s nothing worse than getting on an airplane to deliver a seminar that the local athletes don’t know about.

Don’t no-rep your host duties, guys.