Inside The Box

Invest in Your Box

Don’t forget the most basic advantage you have over other gyms: making the space a spot your athletes love and are proud of.

Your members are walking advertisements for your business and community. Having people out and about in your town, wearing your shirts and talking to others about your business is one of the best forms of public relations you can develop.


But what are you really doing for your members? Keeping the programming safe and focused goes a long way, but so do your facilities and equipment. As CrossFit grows in popularity and age, early affiliates should examine their gear and location and reflect on what they can do to keep those things effective and exciting for their members.

Recently, our box went through a major upgrade and overhaul. Being 6 years old and now in our second location, things were wearing out from everyday use. During the past year, we have completely redesigned the layout of our space, added new rubber flooring, replaced many of the broken or damaged bumper plates, added or replaced barbells, added new rowers, installed a second bathroom and shower, and built changing rooms and an area for a chiropractor. We are in the process of installing large fans to help with airflow circulation — something that is needed in our large warehouse gym.

The old adage is “You have to spend money to make money,” and while I agree with that statement, making money shouldn’t be your main goal. Providing a great training environment will make your space one that people not only like to come to but also will brag about to their friends. Cleaning up the place is always a good start, but updating your equipment sends a message to your community that you care about them and their goals. 

When you get to the point at which you are making a decent living and your business is sustaining itself, take some of that income and invest it. Grow your business by making your gym a place where new people will want to join, but also don’t forget to make it a place where your current members want to keep coming back to.

What are some tips you have for keeping up on the maintenance of your affiliate? What are things you wish your coach/owner would fix up around your place? Comment below.