4 Reasons to Affiliate

If you’re a gym owner or a coach and haven’t yet affiliated, here are four reasons to pull the trigger.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, CrossFit has captivated the world of fitness. Furthermore, it’s grown massively and it has teeth. CrossFit is here to stay. These days with globo gyms jumping on the CrossFit bandwagon, copying the training methods, why should you become an CrossFit affiliate? We’re glad you asked! Here are four reasons.

1. Community. There are millions of people around the world who are seeing eye to eye on some basic ideas that say movement and nutrition are going to change the world. The CrossFit community understands that. If you’re an affiliate, you’re instantly linked to a network of people in that fight.

2. Authenticity. If you own a gym and you’re doing “Helen” and have a WOD, own up to it. Given what CrossFit has done for the fitness industry, it’s the least you can do. Folks can see through gyms that are all CrossFit minus the affiliation.

3. A Network of Coaches. Though there are coaches outside the CrossFit network that are incredible in their respective fields, I’d argue there isn’t a more comprehensive community of coaches from weightlifting and running to nutrition and business development than what we’re seeing in CrossFit. Hell, by affiliating, you not only get to benefit from that, but you also get to contribute to it.

4. Resources. Few entities in the fitness industry produce half the content that CrossFit does, and the content CrossFit is providing and making available to men and women in the community is only growing. Opportunities to develop coaches, delve into the texts and videos of the CrossFit journal, and rub elbows with the tip of the spear conversation of getting general populations fit is a no-brainer.

We became an affiliate day one and we’re proud to be one every day.