Six Things Coaches Think Are Important (but Really Aren’t)

As a coach, is your focus really where it should be?


It’s very easy to get wrapped up in fringe concepts that we think are critical but really don’t matter much at all. As coaches, we can create a herd mentality that chases things that really aren’t important.

Here are six things that you probably thought we’re important but really don’t matter:

  1. Equipment. Rogue Fitness does incredible work. It’s truly nothing short of excellent, and Rogue is a wonderful American story. Don’t forget, though, your gym doesn’t need to be a showroom for shiny, new gear.
  2. Music. Stop stressing over your playlist. No one cares. Furthermore, original CrossFit badass Josh Everett said it best years ago when he said: ���If you need music to do this, you need to try something new.”
  3. Your Workout Scores. Pick a few benchmarks to track your progress, but if you’re investing a considerable amount of energy in who’s winning the day’s AMRAP, there’s a good chance you aren’t focusing on moving better and the important things in the gym.
  4. Membership. There are few gym stats that are given more weight without important context than how many members you have. Increase value and stats like “Average Client Value” before concerning yourself with things like membership totals.
  5. Making Regionals. Of course, I’m not here to talk folks out of their goals, but sending athletes or teams to Regionals and the Games shouldn’t come as a priority before you have a healthy business.
  6. Your Shoes. Every industry, sport and cultural subgroup has their fair share of shoe obsessions. Nano 8.0 with Kevlar? Calm down. None of that matters.

A coach’s job in CrossFit has a breadth and magnitude that is unmatched almost anywhere. Starting from that realization, it seems like we should be putting much more focus into movement, development and big ideas.