Have Fun With Your Fitness

You’ve worked hard to get in shape, so why not use your fitness elsewhere?

Several years ago, I watched a day-in-the-life video profiling Rich Froning Jr. in his last year as an individual competitor at the CrossFit Games. Expecting to see him at a box, in the Box, I was surprised to see footage of him playing in an indoor floor hockey league, riding dirt bikes, playing football and shooting guns on his property. He made an interesting argument: If you work hard to get all this fitness, what’s the point if you don’t go out and use it and have fun? 


Having fun with your training sessions doesn’t have to be elaborate. A month ago, our owner and head coach went on a honeymoon, leaving the rest of us coaches to run classes in his absence. During the week, the daily dynamic warm-ups became contests that included indoor soccer games, the waiter game (members carry an AbMat around in one hand while the others try to run up and knock it off while not dropping theirs), and even AbMat musical chairs that featured bear crawls.

Recently, we took our fitness to a local pumpkin patch and warmed up with a run through a cornfield mazeand put on a WOD that showcased some Halloween-themed cardio, lifting and gymnastics movements. We’ve also had workouts with Halloween costumes and Christmas themes during those respective times of the year.

Even something as simple as moving your workout to the parking lot on a day with nice weather is a fun way to transform a grueling WOD into a more enjoyable experience. 

Outside the box, there is no shortage of local leagues members can test their fitness with. Our gym has put together slow-pitch softball, indoor soccer and men’s basketball teams over the past seven years. We have hosted demo workouts at a local park, raced 5Ks, participated in charitable stair-climb races, joined a team marathon row for Special Olympics and even hosted strongman workouts in our parking lot.

Froning, as usual, is right. If you’re going to work hard and get fit, why not get out and enjoy it?

What are some ways that you or your gym has fun with fitness? Share your ideas and past experiences in the comments section.