Two Moves, 10 Rounds

Put the pedal to the medal with this minimalist but highly metabolic WOM.


Many of the workouts in the CrossFit curriculum can become exhaustive, complicated gauntlets of exercise designed to work several skills in a short period. These workouts are whiteboarded with pride … you know, once you can stand up again. But not every box session has to be so elaborate. Sometimes, simplicity rules. In fact, sometimes, simplicity can wreck you.

“I really like this workout because it’s only two movements but for an extended period,” says Joey Occhipinti, a coach at CrossFit 714 in Orange, Calif. ( “It seems like a decent physical test, but the real test is in your mental capacity. How are you going to respond mentally when your body is getting sick of going through burpees? Will you let the burpees get the best of you, or will you keep sending yourself back to the ground and triumph?”

Dive into this Occhipinti-crafted WOM and let us know.

The Workout

10 Rounds for Time:

25-Yard Farmer’s Walk

10 Burpees 

Degree of Difficulty

Technical: 5

Strength: 7

Metabolic: 10

Volume: 8



Firebreather: 10 minutes or less

Excellent: 10 to 11:30

Good: 11:31 to 12:30

Fair: 12:31 or more

1. BURPEE BONANZA “Find a pace with your burpees you can maintain, not your fastest. Consistency will get you the best time in this workout. Going too hard out of the gate will ruin your time. The prescribed burpee for this workout would be starting a full stand, then chest to ground — any way you want to get there, no push-up is required — then back to the full stand plus a jump at the end.”

2. WALK THIS WAY Remember to lift the kettlebells or dumbbells with your legs when you begin your walk. The weight you choose should be on the heavy side, and your back will be taxed toward the end of the workout with all the heavy walks and burpees unless you effectively use your legs on the walk. Try to relax during the walk. Don’t tense up your body. Keep your arms loose and breathe.”

3. STRATEGIZE REST “If you’re going to rest during the burpees, rest at the bottom. If you stand around and begin to rest at the top, your body isn’t going to want to go back down. Stay mentally tough!”

4. SCALING To scale it down, you can do the burpee without a jump, use lighter weight on the walks, do one or two fewer burpees or start with fewer rounds.”